Forthcoming events

QFAS now holds monthly Zoom gatherings on the second Saturday of every month, at 2.30pm GMT. Our next monthly gathering will be in May 2022.

Following a hiatus caused by our Clerk’s absence, we are planning a one-day zoom conference in September 2022. Our annual in-person conference has been postponed to April 21-23, 2023. Details will be forthcoming nearer the time.


Previous events

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2020 Autumn Conference
Ordinary people, extraordinary experiences
5-6 September 2020 (online)
An online conference using Zoom, including live presentations by Jackie Weaver, acclaimed animal psychic, and Dr Cal Cooper, presenting an introduction to research in After-Death Communications. Plus a film about the early experience of the healer Matthew Manning. The conference has been recorded on DVD.

2019 Autumn Conference
Joint conference of QFAS and Friends Fellowship of Healing

13-15 September 2019, Woodbrooke Quaker Centre, Birmingham
Abi Horsfield “The healing power of the arts”
Rikky Rooksby “Spiritual Aspects of the Battle of Britain”
Lee Britten-Jones “Healing – a personal perspective”

Churches Fellowship for Psychical & Spiritual Studies, Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies and the Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies
Second Joint Conference
Saturday 13 July 2019, London
Dr Santha Bhattacharji  ‘Spiritual Work in the Afterlife’
Cherry Simpkin  ‘Animals and the Afterlife’
Matthew Arnold  ‘A Christian response to the paranormal’
A report on the conference can be found in the Autumn 2019 issue of Reaching Out.

2018 Autumn Conference
21-23 September 2018, Woodbrooke Quaker Centre, Bristol Road, Birmingham

Linda Hoy:
The Effect
Michael John Lovett & Catherine ReidyThe Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN) and Transpersonal experiences
Don Mason: FWH Myers, Science and the Afterlife
Tim Walter: Healing our houses with Modern Geomancy
Download the programme and abstracts.
A report on the conference can be found in the Autumn 2018 issue of Reaching Out.

2017 Autumn Conference
Friends’ Fellowship of Healing and Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies
Woodbrooke Quaker Centre, Birmingham, 29 September to 1 October 2017.
Vivian Barty-Taylor, Rebecca Hubbard, Maggie Jeffrey, Anne Simpson
Download the Programme and the abstracts.
  A report on the conference can be found in the Autumn 2017 issue of Reaching Out.

2016 QFAS Autumn Conference
Launde Abbey, East Norton, Leicestershire23 – 26 September 2016.
Fee Berry: Pathways to Reincarnational Memory.
Rikky Rooksby: Heavens of Kingdoms and the Kingdom of Heaven: life and maps of the afterlife. 
Linda Jacobs: The Connection between Mental Health and Spirituality.
John Philps: The Light of the Soul.
Download the full programme and notes

2016 Spring Conference: Pushing the Boundaries
Christ Church Hall, MalvernSaturday 28 May 2016
A Joint Conference between the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies, the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies, and QFAS. 
Dr Roger Straughan: How on earth can we study the Afterlife?

Rev. Feargus O’Connor: Grounds for belief in life after death
Read an article from Psychic News about the day (thanks to David Taylor of CFPSS).

2015 QFAS Autumn Conference: Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey
Woodbrooke, Birmingham, England, 18-20 September 2015
A conference arranged jointly by Friends’ Fellowship of Healing and Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies, focusing on the interest of both groups in the interaction between the spiritual and material worlds.
Cherry Simpkin:  Psychopomps (soul guides)
Elizabeth Angas:  End of Life Care and Soul Midwives
David Mason:  Spiritual Pathways
Kim Goode:  The importance of family and ancestors in health and healing
Clement Jewitt:  Intimations of Immortality: modalities of connection with the unseen realms
Download the 2015 Programme and speakers’ notes

QFAS Autumn Conference 2014
Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, Somerset, 26 – 28 September 2014
Presenters: Angela Howard led a discussion session on QFAS past, present and future, exploring how much has been achieved since QFAS began in 2000, and what members would like to aim for in the coming years.
David and Rachel Britton presented a dialogue exploring Quaker religious thought in Britain leading up to the First World War.
Cherry Simpkin spoke about mediumship, and particularly mediumship during the first and second World Wars. CDs of these talks are available. Download the Autumn_2014_Programme_and_notes 

QFAS workshop at Yearly Meeting Gathering 2014
University of Bath, Somerset, Friday 8 August 2014
This lively and well attended workshop, facilitated by Maggie Jeffery and Rhonda Riachi, explored significant psychic and spiritual events. Many people have these experiences, but few feel able to talk about them, even in Quaker Meetings.

QFAS Spring conference 2014
26 April 2014 Friends’ House, Euston, London
Guest Speakers: Jill Inskip, Harvey Gillman and Rhonda Riachi.
Jill Inskip spoke movingly about surviving a virulent form of cancer and how she felt enriched by the experience, supported by her regular meditative practice. Harvey Gillman explored his spiritual journey to date, and we discussed the need to acknowledge the role of the transcendent in Quaker Meetings for Worship. Rhonda Riachi demonstrated the new web site and encouraged members to contribute to online discussions.

20-22 September 2013 QFAS Autumn Conference
“Aspects of Healing”
Venue: Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham
Speakers: Anne Simpson, Jim Pym, Angela Cotter, Clement Jewitt
Organised jointly by Friends’ Fellowship of Healing and Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies primarily for their members.  This weekend shared insights and methods on how visualisation, colour and sound can be used in healing, healing negative past life experiences, how healing can assist the soul at death, and how a belief in an afterlife can help in bereavement.

4 May 2013 QFAS Spring Conference
Friends’ House, London
“Bridging the Worlds: A social history of communication with the Otherworld” – David Taylor
David Taylor is Editor of the journal of the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies. He is also founder and Chair of the parapsychology group, Parasearch, as well as being Midlands Regional Co-ordinator for The Ghost Club. From shamans to EVP, David looked at the social historical developments in attempts to communicate with cultural concepts of the ‘otherworld’ and how these various attempts have been influenced by the current Zeitgeist.

“Phone Calls from Beyond?” – Cal Cooper
Callum E. Cooper is currently based at the University of Northampton as a PhD researcher and lecturer in psychology. He is a member of the Society for Psychical Research, an Academic Member of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and a Student Member of the Parapsychological Association. Will many people openly admit that they have experienced what they believe to be a ‘phone call from the dead’? This question was investigated in 1979, in a book entitled Phone Calls from the Dead, written by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless. Now, thirty years on, in this new book (Telephone Calls from the Dead by Callum E. Cooper, 2012) the research has been revived and continued.

7-9 September 2012 QFAS Autumn Conference
Glenthorne Quaker Guesthouse,  Grasmere, Cumbria
“Communication between the worlds: a look at the positive and negative aspects”
Presenters: Ros Smith, Cherry Simpkin, David Britton and Angela Howard

Creatures on Earth (humans and other animals) have always been aware of contact with other realms of life. The world religions, through their myths, tell of visitations from gods and other beings bringing spiritual enlightenment and guidance to humankind. At an everyday level people experience guidance from spiritual sources and also dreams, visions and messages which seem to connect them with their loved ones who have passed on. There is so much evidence to explore – anecdotal and the result of scrupulous scientific testing. In one weekend we can only look at some aspects of communication. The conference considered mediums, those with special gifts and training; and the ways in which any one of us may be aware of links with the spiritual worlds.

28 April 2012 QFAS Spring Conference
Friends’ House, London
Rhonda Riachi on “Mapping the Afterlife”. Rhonda explored different perspectives on the Afterlife, reflecting her own journey through some fascinating material over the past decade. Using diagrams and texts from out-of-the-body and near-death experiences she outlined how common themes can be discerned and models built up. Download the slides (PDF document opens in a new window).

Rikky Rooksby on “A Vision of Greatness”. Rikky delved further into the significance of maps of the Afterlife both as speculations in a topic of abiding interest and for what they can offer: not just a guide to a spiritual destination, but also a spiritual tool for here and now. Download the diagrams that accompanied his talk (PDF document opens in a new window).

23-25 September 2011 QFAS Autumn Conference
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham
Speakers: David Britton, Rachel Britton, Angela Cotter.
Early Quakers were powerfully aware of a spiritual world which inspired and sustained them: how do we interpret this fundamental aspect of our faith today?

To order CD recordings of the talks given at our conferences, go to the CD order form page.