The Life That Never Ends

An anthology of Quaker spiritual/psychic experience 

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Reviews of The Life That Never Ends

Having read several books, over many years, on the afterlife and earthly experiences of it, “The Life That Never Ends” is one of the best. The sincerity and authenticity of the contributions, over six easy-to-read chapters, gives an uplifting and optimistic message that there is no death, and especially to those new to the subject of psychic experiences.  – Jill Woods

I found this a most interesting and enlightening book. Reading others’ spiritual encounters and experiences upholds my own belief that we are connected in more than the purely physical. It illustrates that our love for each other and our animals is a bond which holds fast at all times, and is a great source of strength and support… This is a sincere anthology, fascinating and sometimes very humorous. – Joy Harris

It is beautifully presented and a pleasure to hold. – Robin Goodman


Leaflets on Spiritual Experiences

These four-page leaflets can be downloaded below (PDF files).

End of Life Experiences: 

End of Life Experiences A5 foldover Inside pages

End of Life Experiences A5 foldover Outside pages

After Death Communication: 

After Death Communication A5 foldover Inside

After Death Communication A5 foldover Outside

A selection of publications by QFAS members 

Only a Thought Away
A personal story of bereavement and communication beyond death
by Angela Howard
Published by Quacks Books, October 2010.  ISBN: 978-1-904446-28-6
Cost: £5.00 + £1.50 post and packing.
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The book relates conversations between Angela and her husband Martin following Martin’s death, through the mediumship of Paul Lambillion, and includes the spiritual/psychic experiences of other Quakers. There are chapters on mediumship and the afterlife, and on the first ten years of the Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies

Science, Mystical Experience and Religious Belief
by Don Mason
Published by William Sessions Limited, York, 2006.  ISBN: 1 85072 357 5 (Out of print).
Don kindly agreed to make the full text available here. (NB: large pdf file, approx 7 MBytes.)
The author gives an account of his own beliefs, founded on the experience he has gained during his lifetime. His mother had remarkable psychic gifts, and his father was a hypnotist and a very deep thinker. Don Mason was a scientist and Professor Emeritus of the University of Oxford, who firmly rejected the materialistic interpretation of the world that many, but not all, scientists put forward.