This short reading list provides an overview of the afterlife by selecting a few of the more readable and straightforward books from each of the main sections of the QFAS Bibliography, which was compiled in 2001 by David Hodges. The material included here must be considered only as an introduction to the subject, not as detailed coverage.

(NB: More sections of the Bibliography will appear here in due course.)

1. Introductory references

Ellison, Arthur (1988). The Reality of the Paranormal. Guild Publishing.
Brookesmith, Peter (1989). Survival of Death. Macdonald.
Johnson, R.C. (1953). The Imprisoned Splendour. Hodder & Stoughton.
and (1984) Light of All Life. Pilgrim Books.
Wilson, C. (1985). Afterlife. Harrap.

2. Direct research

Inglis, Brian (1977). Natural and Supernatural. Hodder & Stoughton.
Inglis, Brian (1984). Science and Parascience. Hodder & Stoughton. (These books provide summaries of most of the research undertaken over almost 100 years).
Solomon, Grant & Jane (1999). The Scole Experiment. Judy Piatkus.

3. Indirect research

A. Reincarnation research

Cranston, Sylvia (1998). Reincarnation. Theosophical University Press.
Hall, Judy (2001). Way of Reincarnation. Thorsons.
Stevenson, Ian (1987). Children who Remember Previous Lives. University of Virginia Press.
Stevenson, Ian (1997). Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect. Praeger.

B. Research into Near Death Experiences

Morse, Melvin & Perry, Paul (1992). Transformed by the Light. Villard Books.
Eadie, Betty (1995). Embraced by the Light. Thorsons.
Bailey, Lee & Yates, Jenny (1996). The Near-Death Experience. A Reader. Routledge.

C. Research into Past-Life Regression

Wambach, Helen (1979). Reliving Past Lives. Hutchinson.
Woolger, Roger (1987). Other Lives, Other Selves. Dolphin/Doubleday.
Newton, Michael (1996). Journey of Souls. Llewellyn Publications.

4. Seers and Mystics

Stanley, Michael (1988). Emanuel Swedenborg. Crucible.
Fox, Leonard & Rose, Donald (1996). Conversations with Angels. Chrysalis Books.
Raine, Kathleen (1965). William Blake. Longmans, Green.
Wilkinson, Roy (1993/94). Rudolf Steiner. Aspects of his spiritual world view. (Three vols.). Temple Lodge Publishing.
Bro, Harmon (1989). Edgar Cayce. Aquarian Press.

5. The Experiences of Mediums

Cummins, Geraldine (1932). The Road to Immortality.
Nicholson & Watson.
Jane Sherwood (1964). Post-Mortem Journal. Spearman.
and (1992) Peter’s Gate. C.W. Daniel.
Greaves, Helen (1969). Testimony of Light. World Fellowship Press;
and (1974) The Wheel of Eternity. C. W. Daniel.

6. The study of death and dying

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth (1991). On Life After Death; Celestial Arts; and (1997) The Wheel of Life. Bantam.
Osis, Karlis & Haraldsson, Erlendur (1997). At the Hour of Death. 3rd. edn. Hastings House.
Miller, Sukie (1998). After Death. Touchstone.

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