Follow up to the Ammerdown Conference

The Ammerdown Minute and background note, see the Recent Events page, were sent to Oliver Waterhouse of the Quaker Life Network and a short summary has appeared in their Newsletter. I’ve also responded to a contact from Peter Sender, Clerk to the Framework Working Group asking if QFAS had a contribution to the consultation, by sending the same information. Receipt has been acknowledged.
A Friend has had the minute and background note read out after MfW in her own Meeting as she was not well enough to do this herself. She says that there was some interest expressed by Friends present. Any more comments or reactions to the Ammerdown conference?


One comment on “Follow up to the Ammerdown Conference

  1. Angela Howard had an article published in The Friend on 8 January. The article describes a common experience of Quakers who lack support from their Meetings when they share spiritual experiences, including after bereavement. You can read the article here:

    Elizabeth Angas also had a letter published in The Friend in December, concerning the mystical roots of Quakerism in response to Harvey Gillman’s series on the meaning of words (see Elizabeth’s letter can be seen here:

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