Electrical events following a death

Is anyone aware of electrical disturbances in a house after the death of someone close? Or have any abnormalities of functioning with other items such as doorbells and clocks been noted. It seems to me that they actually occur very frequently but that people think something has just gone wrong and don’t necessarily share the information. I would be interested to know what others think about this?


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  1. Occam’s razor probably! The simplest explanation is usually the correct one – if there’s only one occurrence, then it’s most likely to be an electrical fault and can soon be identified. It’s when things like this keep happening that one should, cautiously, start to think that there might be something more interesting!
    Ros Smith

  2. This happened to me twice: our front doorbell rang about 3 weeks after the death of a close friend. No-one was there (and no-one was seen running away, either). Another friend has documented 10 years of unusual electric light activity in two different houses since his wife died. Electricians in both houses have insisted there is nothing wrong with the wiring.

    • As I have said, as interesting and initially anomalous as these events may appear, you have to start with a pragmatic approach. Any form of ‘remote’ electrical device (for example, a lot of door bells these days are ‘plug in’ types and not connected by a wire) are subject to all manner of stray signals. My mother-in-law used to have her door bell go off whenever a taxi drove up the road!

      Long term electrical anomalies are more interesting, and of course raise questions about how a ‘spirit’ (for want of a better term) can interact with an electrical device!

      At my talk at the QFAS Spring Conference I tried to show how since man developed electrical devices, he has believed that they are subject to spirit communication and manipulation – a form of tech-gnosis – mixed in with the view that we all consider electrical devices to be above and beyond ‘normal’ manipulation.

  3. Angela
    There is a long tradition of electrical interference being associated with death, apparitions and attempts to communicate from the other side.

    Of course, you have to be very careful that people don’t re-interpret electrical disturbances as having spiritual significance when there may be a down-to-earth explanation. As a psychical researcher I have lost count of the number of people who have contacted me because they think their house is haunted simply because light bulbs being exploding in their house. On its own, this sort of thing warrants an electrician rather than a psychical researcher. However, if this occurs in conjunction with other anomalies (apparitions etc) then that is interesting. However, I would suggest caution at simple electrical disturbances. For example, BBC 4 signal keeps going off in my house – but its not haunted (well, not as far as I know!)

    As for electrical / mechanical anomalies at the time of death – again, a lot of reports in the literature. A good place to start is ‘The Art of Dying’ by Peter & Elizabeth Fenwick, which has some good example of clocks etc stopping at the hour of death.

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